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Seattle Web Design Projects
Web Development:

Adam and Eve Clothing Company

Another successful Seattle Web Design project is soon to be launched! The project consists of a full featured ecommerce website complete with a modern jquery slider, social media integration and even a WordPress blog. We are excited for our clients future success! Tags: Seattle ecommerce web design, Seattle web design

Website design appeal matters more then ever.  But a redesign can be a longer process then the original design process especially if much content is involved.  So, with tight budgets in this economic climate we suggest a mini-face lift.  A mini-face lift is adding design elements to the existing layout rather then reorganizing the whole [...]

ManicPanic Website slideshow goes live! .... here are the results:

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Point B Web Design offers a variety of web maintenance and support plans to fit  your exact needs.  While our philosophy is to enable our clients to easily maintain their own content through the use of  a CMS, it is sometimes more expedient or cost-effective to have us make changes for you. But our CMS is easy and does make any changes quicker than other systems or static websites.

Our goal from the start of our web site projects is to create a long term relationships with our clients.  We are committed to our clients success and web success will take regular web site maintenance and attention.  While we do provide maintenace for clients  websites where we haven't designed or developed their webstie. However, we give scheduling preference and lower pricing to our ongoing clients.

What Is The Rate for Website Maintenance Cost?:

If you purchase a maintenance contract the costs are $75 per hour. Without a maintenance contract, costs for emergency and ad hoc support are $125 an hour paid for in 2 hour blocks. We also offer clients with a maintenance contract a lower hourly rate on all new projects and redesigns.

No Website Maintenance Contracts Required:

While we do not require a contract, we do offer very special pricing for clients who know they are going to need support. This allows us to staff and plan according for our clients needs. So, it is your choice either have lower costs with a monthly alloted amount of time or buy ad hoc support time. Either way you can have peace of mind knowing you have your very own webmaster - ready to work for you when you need it!

Lightening Fast, Reliable Turnaround Time:

We usually can turn most support requests around in 24 hours -- Yes, that fast and it is done right the first time. We also have a support ticketing system that allows you, and us to track all your support issues.

We Offer Maintenance For Other Web Designers and Developer's Websites! We really build a significant amount of our business by rescuing other web designers and designers web sites. However, please note that at times the code is so bad and convoluted that we need to start over. However, if you have a web site that you are happy with and just need changes to content (not functionality / code changes) we can help you with a maintenance contract and you help us grow our web design business.

Annual Support and Maintenance Agreement


While the costs will vary depending on your application and the extent of customization, our typical Annual Support and Maintenance Agreement consists of the following:

  • An allotment of hours per month for content updates, text changes, minor feature enhancements, technical and operational support and even Graphics, SEO and Newsletter tasks (if using PBW CMS Newsletter Application)
  • Overages billed at a significant discounted rate! for normal application mods and support
  • Patches and Security Updates to your Application(s)
  • Priority response
  • Site Backups and File Level Restore Services 
Ad hoc Maintenance and Support

* Ad hoc maintenance and support is also available at our normal hourly rates and subject to scheduling and availability.



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