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Seattle Web Design Projects
Web Development:

Adam and Eve Clothing Company

Another successful Seattle Web Design project is soon to be launched! The project consists of a full featured ecommerce website complete with a modern jquery slider, social media integration and even a WordPress blog. We are excited for our clients future success! Tags: Seattle ecommerce web design, Seattle web design

Website design appeal matters more then ever.  But a redesign can be a longer process then the original design process especially if much content is involved.  So, with tight budgets in this economic climate we suggest a mini-face lift.  A mini-face lift is adding design elements to the existing layout rather then reorganizing the whole [...]

ManicPanic Website slideshow goes live! .... here are the results:

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PBW Content Management System Demo in Seattle
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Point B Web offers our x-cart ecommerce solutions to business in Seattle and all over the world.  Our services cover every type of eCommerce requirement from great web design to custom web development. And x-cart offers so many features one would be hard pressed to find a better solution at the price point.

Advanced x-cart eCommerce Solutions

After doing an exhaustive analysis of available, off-the-shelf ecommerce applications available, our development team chose x-cart,  an ecommerce application platform that allows us to develop a custom ecommerce application that is tailored specifically to our clients' requirements. Native features typically meet over 90% of the detailed functionality requirements and we use a combination of design customization, configuration, process establishment and development customization to provide exactly what our clients need to successfully run their online business.  We now offer complete x-cart development and design soluitons.

Out of the box, our advanced x-cart eCommerce platform is a highly robust application that can handle everything from simple eCommerce to the most complex online business models. It is a system that is completely customizable and has been in use on literally thousands of eCommerce websites since 1999. Point B Web has developed our own custom baseline of the administrative interface  which provides a much more intuitive layout and navigation, as well as providing consistency and the ability for us to provide standardized training documentation and materials. We have also incorporated some of the most effective third party add-ons and modules for things like content editing and search engine optimization (SEO). 

Click here for a detailed feature list of x-cart ...

Point B Web and x-cart offer a wide range of eCommerce solutions that drive online revenues, including database applications, shopping carts, customer registration, and content-management modules to help build your brand and customer base. Whether you're selling one product or a thousand, we can make x-cart an eCommerce,  user-friendly experience for your online customers.

x-cart eCommerce solutions can include: 
* Credit Card Integration 
* Secure Transactions with SSL Certificates for Encryption 
* Complex eCommerce Product Database creation/ modification for storing product information
* Order Confirmations 
* Real-Time Integration with FedEx, UPS, USPS or DHL 
* Consulting time to help figure out the best shipping options for your products
* Newsletters 
* Special Sales Capabilities 
* Configurators for complex products 
* Search engine friendly product and category page names

We have clients doing a high volume of sales orders and gross revenues in the millions of dollars per year using our x-cart solutions.

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