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Another successful Seattle Web Design project is soon to be launched! The project consists of a full featured ecommerce website complete with a modern jquery slider, social media integration and even a WordPress blog. We are excited for our clients future success! Tags: Seattle ecommerce web design, Seattle web design

Website design appeal matters more then ever.  But a redesign can be a longer process then the original design process especially if much content is involved.  So, with tight budgets in this economic climate we suggest a mini-face lift.  A mini-face lift is adding design elements to the existing layout rather then reorganizing the whole [...]

ManicPanic Website slideshow goes live! .... here are the results:

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For our custom web development projects, we employ a standardized, proven project methodology that enables us to keep projects organized, on schedule and on budget. This methodology consists of five phases:

Project Setup

Establishing roles and communication plans, laying out the timeline, deliverables and expectations.

Requirements Phase

This is where we gather a detailed inventory of all site sections and content; detail the feature requirements, administrative and technical environment requirements. You will provide input on any additional sections and content you want as well as information on who/when/how that content will be delivered to us. If you need us to develop content or provide specific custom graphics, those details will be documented here as well. Once the Requirements are defined, we will review them with you and allow you time to prioritize and make decisions on cost and priority and adjust the scope and budget if necessary.

Design Phase

The Design Phase consists of the development of a static prototype that would serve as the starting point for the final design requirements. The prototype will be reviewed and an exhaustive list of changes is created. In most cases, the changes are implemented during the development phase – (when the site is being constructed). If time allows, we will occasionally make changes and iterations to the prototype and have further review sessions. We normally discourage that in favor of an exhaustive initial review. Ongoing and excessive prototype design and review is one of the most common reasons that projects exceed time and budget constraints.

Development and Testing Phase

This is where we take the Design Prototype, the functional requirements and the delivered content and go to work building out the site on a test platform. There will be one or two review points during this phase and lots of communication and interaction with the client.

Testing occurs throughout the development phase. Functions, scripts and pages are tested individually. When development is completed, we do our own system testing - ensuring error-free pages and scripts. Once we conclude our initial testing, user testing begins. This is a one or two cycle stage of fixing and verifying. Planning and migration to the final live site also takes place towards the end of this phase.

Deployment Phase

Upon completion and signoff, PBW will make the final configuration changes for going live. The Point B Web project team will be available during the first 24 hours to ensure a successful launch.

Once your site is live, we will continue to monitor, test and fix any issues found that were included in the original scope for up to 30 days after launch.


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