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Seattle Web Design Projects
Web Development:

Another successful Seattle Web Design project is soon to be launched! The project consists of a full featured ecommerce website complete with a modern jquery slider, social media integration and even a WordPress blog. We are excited for our clients future success! Tags: Seattle ecommerce web design, Seattle web design

Website design appeal matters more then ever.  But a redesign can be a longer process then the original design process especially if much content is involved.  So, with tight budgets in this economic climate we suggest a mini-face lift.  A mini-face lift is adding design elements to the existing layout rather then reorganizing the whole [...]

ManicPanic Website slideshow goes live! .... here are the results:

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PBW Content Management System Demo in Seattle
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Your success is goal number one. Period.  So our advice --- Start Smart!  Over the last ten years we've encountered many clients who did not start out so smart.  But, with a few easy tips you can avoid their pain and the cost associated with starting a web development project  over. 

First, do not believe what the web designer / developer says they can do. Checkout what they have done! And contact the business owners from their portfolio. 

Second, nothing replaces experience -- not talent -- not youth, etc ... the longer the web firm has been in business the more they know about the process, the caveats etc ... 

Third, if you are serious about your project do not hire a freelancer or moonlighter just to save money, they have nothing in the game.  So, when a better opportunity comes along, a new job, or the going gets tough they have nothing to lose in abandoning you and your project. 

Finally, get the most bang for your buck by hiring a smaller firm (like PointBweb:)  -- one which does not have a fancy address, and high rents associated with that, so costs will generally be lower.   Bottom line make sure whoever you hire has a business reputation to protect!  Our lifeblood is web design and development, so, if you hire us we will go above and beyond to see your project through to completion. 

Read further to find out how we meet your goals and assure the success of your project. Our Web Design and Developement services start with SEO features that can give you a major advantage in getting the best search engine rankings!

SEO Friendly Web Design is our Competitive Advantage

Our whole web design and development system was designed from the ground up to be Search engine friendly. The most successful websites have a SEO strategy at the beginning of the project. We are one of the few web design firms that makes SEO an important factor in your success. We know this is just as important as a professional design.  We also put our money where our mouth is and have developed systems specifically geared toward SEO and SEM success.  You may have the most beautiful or coolest web site but if it is not getting fully indexed by the search engines you will never get enough traffic driven to your website to be successful. Read more ...

We use many other tools to achieve your goals. The most powerful tool in our web development tool box is PBW CMS a powerful proprietary CMS system that we’ve developed and customize individually for each project.  If you didn’t already know, a CMS system is a web based application that allows users to manage content. All CMS systems aren’t created equal and vary in their abilities and extensibility. PBW CMS is the most extensive CMS platforms and offers the best of functionality and design flexibility. Designs are only limited by the designers imagination and capabilities, allowing designers the freedom to create unique and beautiful sites while developers have an open well architected PHP platform to build any size web application on. PBW CMS is truly one of the most complete well-rounded, and reasonably priced CMS offerings in the web industry. You'll be amazed at how easy it is to maintain your own web site.

We can help you save time and money since we start with functionality that would cost a small fortune to pay a developer to  code from scratch.  Furthermore,  you can use PBW CMS with no custom programming, just  add design customizations and you will have one of the most robust CMS systems on the market!  PBW CMS system is a flexible, module-based system. It is comprised of a primary “platform” and a large collection of powerful “modules” which encompass specific functions you may need.  And we can also create functionality just for you by utilizing our software platform we have already developed, we can rapidly create a powerful web solution to meet any needs you may have. Again this saves you both time, and money. In the end, you can choose to take over the ongoing maintenance and content updating of your site, and never have to worry about having to perform overly technical or complex tasks! Or you can choose to have us maintain your site while also cutting maintenance costs as managing a site will always take less time when utilizing PBW CMS.

Another area of expertise that makes our approach unique is our experience gained in rescuing clients abandoned by other designers, developers and fly by night web firms. Do you have a challenging web project? Other firms let you down?  Or do you just want to start with a firm that has a 100% completion rate. With Point B Web you can start smart knowing your project will be completed to written specifications … or you can allow us the opportunity to rescue an abandoned project. And because we use PBW CMS we are able to complete  projects quickly and affordably leaving satisfied and very happy clients in our wake. 

We are working to inform businesses on how web technology, specifically CMS can benefit their business.  We also would like to alert the business community to the caveats of allowing the unseasoned, the uneducated, and the unscrupulous develop their sites and hope to give information to empower the decision maker in this area. As the plethora of web designers and web programmers peddling their wares is increasing daily we are becoming a lighthouse of sorts, as we not only bring you the best in custom design services but also provide custom affordable web development.  PBW CMS provides one of the most complete, well-rounded, and reasonably priced web service offerings in the industry today. Contact us today to learn more.

Out of all our unique processes and abilities to get the job done, nothing shows off our unique offerings more than our large portfolio of functional websites and happy customers. Just browse through our case studies and portfolio and we are sure you will agree when you partner with Point B Web, your project is in capable, skilled hands and sure to be a success. 


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